Necklace length


Necklaces are worn in different lengths:

  • 30 to 40 cm (11.8 to 15.7 inch): Short necklaces chokers as closely to the neck and are 30 to 40 cm long.
  • 40 tot 45 cm (11.8 to 17.7 inch): Some link chains, necklaces with pendants, rope necklaces and long chokers are between 40 and 45 cm long. These hang on to the collarbone and pendant on the sternum.
  • 50 tot 55 cm (19.6 tot 21.6 inch): Many link chains, rope necklaces and chains with pendants are between 50 and 55 cm long. These come to the top of the sternum. It is a nice lenght for a necklace with pendant
  • 60 tot 65 cm ( 23.6 inch to 25.5 inch): Link chains, cord chains with or without a pendant of 60 to 65 cm rise above the bust.
  • 65 tot 75 cm (25.5 tot 29.5 inch): Long chains of 65 to 75 cm come to or over the bust.
  • Necklaces of 85 cm (33.4 inch) and longer: Necklaces longer than 85 cm long come to or under the navel. These chains can also be wrapped two or three times around the neck.


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  • silver gold plated short chain necklace
    silver gold plated short chain necklace

    Sterling silver chain necklace
    Genuine silver with gold plated 45 cm fine chain necklace
    Excellent quality real sterling silver jewelry with 925 silver stamp
    Real silver earrings, silver necklace, silver bracelets, silver rings

    € 19,90
  • thin leather chain with steel clasp
    thin leather chain with steel clasp

    Thin leather chain with steel clasp.
    Genuine black leather 1 mm necklace with stainless steel clasp.

    € 6,90
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