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An amulet is a certain object such as a piece of jewelery with natural magical properties to ward off negative energy and protect against danger, accident and injury. Examples of amulets are evil eye amulets, precious stones and spells. 


The anchor symbolizes hope, confidence and steadfastness and stability.

Ankh cross

The Ankh sign/cross of life is an ancient Egyptian symbol that stands for eternal life. The Egyptian Ankh hieroglyph stands for Life and wearing an ornament with an ankh sign means that you have exchanged the world for the hereafter and offers protection against danger.


Ben Porat and Ana Bekoach prayer

A Ben Porat and Ana Bekoach prayer are prayers from the Kabbalah faith. The prayers give strength to a red Kabbalah bracelet and emit negative energies such as the evil eye. One of the prayers are read by the person adorning a kabbalah bracelet on the left wrist from either themselves or to someone else.

 Ben Porat and Ana Bekoach prayer

Buddha (Chinese)

A Fat belly Buddha stands for happiness, joy, prosperity, success and prosperity. By this symbolism is a Buddha jewelry a special gift. Treat a Buddha statue or ornament always with reverence and respect. It is believed that it will bring more luck if you occasionally rub the fat belly of Buddha. It is a tradition to burn a candle for the Buddha on May 8 and make a wish. Some Buddha carry attributes with it. The attributes have their own symbolic meaning.

Buddha with

  • Bag: travel and finding yourself.
  • Coins: wealth and prosperity.
  • Clumps of gold: happiness and prosperity.
  • Pearl: health, strength and wisdom.
  • Fan: protection.
  • Rua scepter: abundance (for example lots of fortune)
  • Jar:  long and happy life.
  • Yoke: balance.
  • Yuni: wishes come true.
  • Life staff: confidence, balance and support.
  • Children: happiness at work, relationships and fertility.
  • Lotus posture: peace and meditation.
  • Lotus throne: beauty, purity, innovation and against illness or accident.    
  • Two embracing Buddhas:  happiness and friendship.
  • Hotai model (hands open and in the air): freedom and blessing.
  • Dragon: protect and foster earthly treasures, peace, prosperity and health.
  • Turtle: slow building up, health and strength.
  • Frog: financial prosperity.
  • Bird: finding self-knowledge.
  • Fish: peace and abundance.
  • Fish with child: desire for many sons.

Buddha: Thin/ Indian/ Thai

Thai Buddha originates from India and stems from the legend, named ushnihsa, as a symbol of wisdom and spirituality. Thai Buddhas are slim build and sitting cross-legged with a robe. Thai buddha has long earlobes and a knot on his head. Some buddha also have a dot on the forehead, the dot represents divinity. Also, the Buddha's often show a certain mudra or symbolic hand posture.

Evil eye/Nazar/eye of Horus/All seeing eye

The "Evil Eye" Nazar refers to the unfriendly looks, jealousy of other people (evil eye / eye of Horus). An evil eye amulet  that provides protection against the evil eye.


Celtic knot

The Celts believed in reincarnation and that life is an eternal journey. A Celtic knot therefore symbolizes the continuity of life, eternity and immortality.

Chinese knot/ Palbheu / endless knot

In Buddhism, infinite knot / Chinese lucky knot symbolizes a long life.

Chinese symbol Long life sign

The Chinese symbol Long life would bring happiness to the person carrying it and it stands for a long life.


A crucifix is a cross with the body of the crucified Jesus Christ. Above the cross is often a sign with the letters INRI, the Latin abbreviation for Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.



A dolphin symbol stands for happiness, life force and protection when traveling by sea.


The dragon symbol has its own meaning for every culture. In general, the dragon symbol is seen as a lucky symbol for protection, luck and prosperity.


The dream catcher originally came from Indians. A dream catcher was hung over a bed to filter bad dreams and let good dreams pass.



An elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom and happiness.

Evil eye/Nazar/eye of Horus/All seeing eye

The "Evil Eye" Nazar refers to the unfriendly looks, jealousy of other people (evil eye / eye of Horus). An evil eye amulet  that provides protection against the evil eye.



The feather symbolizes dreams, freedom, spirituality, transformation, pure wisdom.

Feng shui

Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it. Feng Shui gives you the opportunity to achieve health, peace and happiness by making a conscious choice of accommodation and decor.

Four-leaf clover

Not only because of its rarity, but also because of its shape, which is reminiscent of a cross, a "four-leaf clover" has been considered a lucky charm since the Middle Ages. According to legend, each leaf has a separate meaning; the first the hope, the second trust, the third love and the fourth for happiness.

French lily /Fleur de Lis

The fleur-de-lys or fleur-de-lis or French lily is a symbol that is used in coats of arms, jewelry, clothing patterns,. The lily is among other things a symbol of the Virgin Mary, of purity and virginity. Lily also refers to a remark ascribed to Jesus about lilies mentioned in the New Testament message. Although the French designation indicates the sign as a lily flower, the symbol doesn't lool like the lily flower.


Ganesha/Ganesh/Ganapati Tantra

Ganesha is a god of Hinduism. It is recognizable by the elephant's head. It is the god of knowledge and wisdom and removes obstacles. Ganesha jewelry or figurines are given to those who are going to start something new, such as a new job, travel or relocation.


Hamsa/hand of Fatima

A Hamsa / hand of Fatima symbolizes peace and happiness, protection against evil and misfortune.


Infinity sign/lemniscaat

The Infinity sign symbolizes eternity, infinity, power and constant renewal in, for example, love, life.


Japanese Lucky cat Maneki Neko

The Japanese lucky cat is a lucky charm. The left paw up attracts people to come in. A Japanese lucky cat with a right front leg raised provides money.



Wearing a Kabbalah bracelet or other jewelry is a Kabbalistic tradition used to protect ourselves to evil, ward off misfortune and darkness brought about by the evil eye. Kabbalah jewelry, such as the kabbalah red string bracelets, is a huge fashion trend. You can buy many varieties of Kabbalah bracelets from the popular red string bracelet to more ornate versions with hamsa amulets or evil eye luck charms.


The key stands for happiness in love.


Lady bug

Ladybug is a symbol of love and happiness. Nowadays the Ladybug is especially known as the symbol against senseless violence.

Lucky coins
Lucky coins are a symbol of finance: attracting more money. According to Chinese tradition, 3, 6.7 or 8 Chinese lucky coins are connected to a red thread / rope.

Lucky dolls

Lucky dolls are small dolls, usually made from bamboo or wood. The meaning of the lucky doll is that it brings happiness to the wearer. Fortune dolls are, for example, a gift for a wedding, exam, performance, farewell.


Mexican bola necklace

Pregnancy bola necklace is necklace with a bell attached that hangs on your abdomen. With every movement the bell makes a soft tinkling sound. Many women believe that the baby in their womb can hear the sound of the bell. And that he will associate with fine familiar feeling of sitting in your stomach. If your baby is born, you can hang the bell above the baby crib. When he hears the sound again, he will also feel safe in his cradle. Mexican tradition: Wearing a necklace or pregnancy bola is a tradition that dates back to Mexico. The bola bell brings A mother and child health and happiness, and protect against disease and danger.




An owl symbolizes wisdom. An owl piece of jewelry or figurine is often given as a gift during study and exam.





Sun en moon symbol

The combination of sun and moon in one symbol has a different meaning for each culture. It usually symbolizes the balance between male and female and that everything has a light and dark side.



A talisman is a certain object such as a piece of jewelery with the ability to attract positive energy, stimulate positive forces and to bring happiness. Examples of talismans are rabbits feet, four-leaf clover.

Tree of life

A tree of life incorporated in, for example, a piece of jewelry generally stands for life itself: growth, fertility, immortality and development of body and mind and for the underworld (the roots), Earth (the trunk) and heaven (the branches). The tree of life, Arbol de la Vida according to the Mexican tradition, the tree of life stands for hope and prosperity and is given as a gift at a wedding.





Yin Yang

The Yin and Yang symbol stands for two sides / opposites that are in balance with each other. Yin is the dark part and stands for shadow, night, earth, female, North and yang the light part and stands for light, day, heaven, male and South.


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